Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alison's Lessons - Month 12

Alison’s 12 month lessons: has it really been a year since I met this sweet little baby? Each day goes by and next thing we know its time to celebrate a birthday… Ali is so unique from that beautiful hair to her sweet personality ~ we are truly blessed and always learning.

Ali is pulling up on everything… we lowered her bed at the beginning of the month because Jessy was afraid she could jump out of it.

Ali is still working on those one year molars… seems like she has been teething since she was three months old. She currently has nine teeth but the other three are going to be pooping up in no time.

Ali is still in size three Huggies… we really like little movers. Since she is a speedy crawler now its nice not to have to worry about leaks.

Ali tasted whole milk for the first time June 2nd and didn’t seem to notice the difference between it and formula. As the week went on I noticed that her little eyes were crusty and matted shut when she woke in the morning and at nap time… we started her back on formula and no more crust? Wonder if she is allergic to cows milk??

Ali loves to play in the sandbox with her bubby and sister… the other day she climbed right in to the middle of the pile of sand and let the big kids cover her legs. She just laughed and laughed.

Ali drank from a straw for the first time June 12th ~ she was loving that root beer float.

Ali loves to pull all of the books off of the book shelf and read them. She actually goes through the books and opens them up… looking at the pictures I guess… then points at the letters on the page and babbles.

Ali loves to look at herself in the mirror… when she sees her reflection she says “HI” it is super cute. Ali also says “UP” and “UH-OH” very well now.

Alison fell off of our bed and was rushed to the chiropractor… I think it was more traumatic for me but I felt so horrible not being able to fix it. She was yelling and not kicking her feet – it made me feel so crazy. She is fine… the Dr. assured me that babies are much more flexible then adults and her recovery time would be instant.

Ali eats just about everything… and if she doesn’t like it she spits it out. Gracee’s favorite thing is to feed ‘her’ baby she is always sharing with Ali. I still try to give her baby food sometimes hoping that she is getting the nutrients she needs. Oh and she holds her own bottle now J

Ali still stays with me during the day ~ Jared goes to his mom on Tuesday’s and then he stays home with me the rest of the week. Gracee is still going to daycare Tue-Thur. {she loves it} so it is a wonderful blessing to still spend one on one time with my tiny baby everyday.

Ali has yet to sleep through the night on a regular basis. She is usually up around 3-4 and wants to drink a 6 oz bottle and needs a fresh diaper… a few nights this month I gave her Tylenol before bed {teething} and she slept til the am.

How lucky are we? I mean really… God is good and we are so thankful for our many blessings. Alison is one sweet baby and growing up to be quiet a little princess... she throws fits already and stomps her right foot ~ yells just to be heard and knows how to get her daddy to pick her up every time.

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